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Vitural Training Program Packages

 Virtual PuppyTraining Package

The first few weeks your new puppy will spend at your home sets the tone for a lifelong relationship with your pet.  We wanted to offer our perspective on how to prepare for this period, what you can expect from your pup for the first few weeks, and give some guidance on best practices for training and socializing healthily.  There are many philosophies for training, socializing, and interacting during this period and ours is a combination and simplification of tools learned in my certification and studying of trainers such as Ceasar Milan, Patricia McConnell, and Mike Ritland.  We firmly believe that this is your dog and you should train them according to your priorities and not what someone else believes you should be.  For this reason its very important to know what your priorities are so we can focus training specifically for your needs and your schedule. 



(Prior to Pick up)

  1. Virtual Session to review set up of crate, sleeping area, feeding, potty bells etc. and to review expectations and schedule for the first few nights and your approach, tone, and attitude towards your new puppy. We also discuss your priorities for manners, desired behaviors, in order to customize a plan for you.

(Manuals and videos)

  1. Customized puppy schedule with recommended training guides according to your priorities

  2. Potty training 

  3. Sit, stay, come

  4. Socialization

  5. Space game

  6. Nipping and biting

(After pick up)

  1. Virtual Session to review progress, work on any problems, talk about expectations, and set priorities for next few weeks.

Price $350 not including puppy item package


Puppy Preparation Item Package With all of our favorites!!

1. 36” iCrate w divider

2. Midewest Puppy exercise pen

3. Puppy food 34lb bag

4. Wellness Soft bite treats

5. Best Bully Sticks

6. Reflective Leash

7. Puppy Kong

8. Harness

9. Training bells

10. Brush, comb and nail clipper set

11. Puppy Bowls stainless steel no spill non skid with mat

12. Antler

13. Martingale collar

14. Puppy collar

15. Tropiclean puppy bundle Puppy  shampoo, dry shampoo and puppy wipes

16. Our training manual


Price $525 delivered to your home from our favorite vendors. 

This needs to be ordered by 5 weeks of age to ensure punctual delivery!

 Total for Both Packages $825 with package discount

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