Puppy Boot Camp

Program Cost


*Please note Boot Camp is closed all winter long from January 1st- April 1st. This year will be a bit  different because we are expecting the birth of our fifth so boot camp will be on hold until further notice. 

  • First Week: $650

  • Two  Week: $1200

  • (We can only reserve 2 pups per litter) we do book up early!!


About the Program

Our Puppy Boot Camp Program was developed for families that would like for us to keep their puppy for one to three extra weeks in order to crate train & teach them his/her name. 

The goal is that the puppy goes home on Gotcha Day crate trained and able to spend time in the crate without the usual fuss. This makes for a happier transition to your home and the family can avoid the first few loud and often messy days of puppy training.


At S’Wheaten Your Life we have a certified behaviorist on staff 24/7 to help your puppy focus on transitioning from life with mom and litter mates in our Puppy Room to life in the home with people. We work diligently on getting the puppy on a schedule for eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, training, and pottying (we start with one that works for the puppy). We do crate training for this week. We stay ahead of the puppy’s need for potty breaks, to prevent accidents in the crate or around the house while the puppy adjusts to his or her new schedule.


By the end of this week, most puppies are on a schedule eating twice daily, holding potty in their crate at least 6 hours a night and 2-3 hours during the day, with minimal crate barking.

Additional Items Included with Puppy Boot Camp


  • Leash

  • Training manual

  • Collar

  • Training Tell Bell

  • Cow Hoof Chew / Bully Stick

  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations (if needed) & dewormer

  • Life Long Support

  • Training Create 30 inch with divider

Please contact us with any and all additional questions.


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