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Guardian Program

Happy, fun loving, smart and loyal--these are the characteristics that define the Wheaten Terrier and make them such wonderful family members. S’Wheaten your life Wheatens & Whoodles is committed to raising the dogs that we breed in a loving family environment. Dogs reside in our homes where they are socialized in a family setting surrounded by many children and various family pets. We believe that this is what makes our dogs as desirable as they are known for their even, sweet temperaments.

S’Wheaten Your Life Wheatens & Whoodles breeding program is committed to the principal that all of our dogs should live in a home environment and not a kennel setting. As our breeding program expands, we are offering a Guardian Home Program. This is a unique opportunity for selected local families to become a Guardian to a S’Wheaten your life pup.

A “pick of the litter” puppy is personally chosen for you by us. The Guardian family agrees to raise, train, and care for a S’wheaten your life pup throughout the dogs breeding career. The Guardian assumes the role of “parent” while we retain ownership and breeding rights to the dog. In exchange for providing a loving home, ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family at the time the dog is retired from his/her breeding career. The dog will be spayed/neutered and teeth cleaned at our expense. This provides the dog with the stability of the same family and its forever home throughout its’ entire life.



S’Wheaten your life wheatens & Whoodles will pay all veterinary costs related to breeding for both male and female Guardian dogs. You as the guardian are responsible for all wellness vaccines and other preventative maintenance.

The female breeding dog comes to us to be bred for about 1 week and then returns just before the birth to reside at S’Wheaten your life wheatens & Whoodles to deliver, nurse and wean her puppies. We understand the difficulty in having your pet leave your home for 6-8 weeks for birthing. We provide a “thank you” bonus of $1000.00 for each litter. For Male guardian homes will receive a gift of $500.00-1000.00 per litter. Males have a 5 year contract with us. We are expecting to have 3 litters for females and then she would be spayed, and the contract will then be fulfilled. If at any time guardian cannot fulfill these requirements’ the guardian dog must be returned to the breeder.



  • The price of a guardian pup is reduced to $1200 half of our regular price.

  • Guardian home must be within a 2 hours of Sterling, CT

  • Guardian will keep in touch with breeder on a monthly basis to go over all questions and updates

  • Guardian must own residence where dog will reside

  • Willingness for home visits by breeders periodically to maintain contact with dog and Guardian family

  • Primary caregiver of Guardian dog cannot work full time outside of home causing Guardian dog to be left home alone for long periods unattended (must have flexibility)

  • Must feed our recommended diet dog food chosen by breeder

  • Guardian home must possess physical fencing to provide a safe, secure environment.

  • Attend and complete obedience classes with trainer approved by S’Wheaten your life wheatens & Whoodles.

  • Willingness to provide socialization with other dogs

  • Willingness to follow guidelines and recommendations set forth by breeder’s requirements for dog’s basic veterinary care such as vaccine schedules, flea & tick protection, grooming, etc.

  • Willingness to bring guardian dog to breeders for breeding, whelping, and romping times.

  • The guardian is fully responsible for guardian dog while in their possession. Guardian must act responsibly and safely at all times.


Please feel free to give me a call anytime with any questions (401)487-4036

Again, we are very thankful to our families that have helped us to make this possible!!

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