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S’Wheaten Your Life’s owner and breeder, Holly Deffley, is a full time, stay-at-home puppy mom, trainer and groomer. This permits constant monitoring of your growing puppy.


An experienced, responsible Breeder, S’Wheaten Your Life Wheatens & Whoodles has been in operation since 2007.


nk.My love affair with the Wheaten Terrier happened by chance one summer day in 2005.  I was enjoying a day off with some friends at their lake house when out walked the most beautiful animal I had ever seen.  I approached the owner inquiring about the breed and he told me Casey was a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He told me the Wheaten originated in Ireland and is coveted for their non-shed hypo-allergenic coat. A few weeks later I bought my first wheatie, a beautiful female, full of class and crass named Britton.

I have always been an animal lover, growing up in a household with numerous dogs and cats; I had long ago decided a career centered around animals was a possibility. When we brought Britton home I soon realized that that possibility would soon become a reality. I spent countless hours researching how-to books and websites.  I spoke to breeders and vets on breeding do’s and do-not’s.  Finally I was determined to find my stud and a year and a half after we had Britton we bought Guinness, a strong, sensitive, dashing, charmer for our Britton, and thus S’wheaten Your Life Wheatens & Whoodles was born.

Today, breeding is not just my career and passion; it is a tangible part of my family and my soul. My doodles & Poodles  are truly part of my family and are treated as such. They are socialized from birth in a family atmosphere with my five boys. It is a lonely night if there aren’t more than two or three  in my bed.  I have dedicated the past 15 years to making my dogs being of the highest standards of health, temperament, and stature. We have since expanded to breeding Golden Doodles and Bernedoodles We are always striving to produce the best family doods  and therapy dogs to fit our families needs. My husband John has also implemented our new therapy reimbursement for therapy completion.  Our Goldern Doodles & Bernedoodles are featured on our sister site we are planning on merging the two at some point. S'wheaten Your Life is where it all started and so many families and referrals only know us as S'Wheaten Your Life, here is the link. 


We provide all owners with health guarantee, and vaccination worming records. All Pups are sold as pets and not for breeding, a spay/neuter contract must be signed sating that the puppy will be spayed/neutered by 6/7 months of age. My mission is to provide each puppy a happy, loving home and to give each owner a family member that will bring love to their household for many years.

When you are ready to add one of our pups to your family we would ask that you call or text us directly, and share with us information about yourself and your family, your lifestyle and activity level, and things that you like to do as a family. We would like to hear about your previous pet history, and what you are looking for in the addition of a puppy to your family. 

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